What is JND or Just Noticeable Difference

Dean John

Dean John

Just Noticeable Difference (JND)

When all of the important factors of building up a business are considered, creating a logo is at the top. If you think you don’t need one, you cannot be more wrong. Logo outstands a brand and provides positive referrals.

Let’s talk about how they influence businesses. Many businesses spend millions on marketing research and logo design agencies. You might have noticed different brands changing their packaging or modifying their logos after a long period.

According to different researchers, “Just Noticeable Difference” (JND) is the negligible difference that one can observe between two stimuli. And it is not in absolute amount but is relative to the intensity of the first stimulus.

So, what’s there for the business? Why do they adopt JND? JND is a helpful tool, especially for marketing teams, that allows them to customize and create changes to the product or brand to minimize negative changes. These negative changes may include a decrease in product size, a reduction in quality, and a price increase.

The Goal Behind JND

“We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.” Weber introduced the JND theory to the world. Now, it has grown to such an extent that current marketers are aware of its worth and utilize it for the effective development of their brand. Let’s look at an example to see the actual concept behind JND.

Imagine going to the grocery store, where you notice a $10 chocolate bar is half cheap. Of course, people would consider it a great deal and buy it without reluctance. Whereas, think of noticing a $100 shirt which is $5 off. Would you buy it? The response will be negative, as the discount is less noticeable. However, if we compare both, there was the same $5 difference. 

JND is not only applied on pricing but to almost every aspect of the product, packaging, advertising, and even slogan. Everything which gives the brand a positive change minimizes the negative change. Let’s learn from the example of the companies that have adopted JND and are prospering in the market.

1. Doritos

We all know Doritos, a popular American snack that costs around $4. It is why, a small change, even for 10 percent, is noticeable to consumers, as the price change is modest in comparison to its initial price. The elasticity of Doritos can be the reason for its decline in sales and the company’s loss. However, the fluctuations in its production cost make it difficult to maintain a fixed price. It rises on a daily and yearly basis.

As a result, Doritos came up with a new strategy. They kept their price and packaging the same but reduced Dorito’s content. If you drop the number of chips, the consumer won’t notice or feel let down. They decreased their size from 175g to 170g, without any announcement in 2015.

2. Beyond Petroleum (BP)

Beyond Petroleum is one of those brands which have used and utilized the concept of JND effectively. It has been making careful changes to guarantee that its consumers identify its products. In 2000, when they noticed a need for a fresh logo, BP started following this tactic.

However, the logo they came up with provided a meaningful definition of the company and proved to be a noticeable difference for the consumers, to distinguish BP as a company with great ideas and thoughts for the near future.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks is a widely known brand. Not only for its coffee but also for a company that has changed its logo several times. It was not long after they started the coffee. To be precise, there were four stages. Out of everything which remained consistent was the symbol of Starbucks, i.e., the image of Siren. It was brown with the text “Starbucks Coffee Tea Spices.”

Many believe that the image of Siren greatly helped Starbucks to survive and enhance its business in the market. However, there was some criticism too, like brown color should not be suitable for items like food or beverage. Many recognize this color as unpleasant or dirty when it comes to foods.

From there on, the logos became green, and the image was black and white. Today, the color is all green while the image goes under slight remodifications.

4. Coca Cola

It is very important to understand the relations consumers make with a specific brand and its product’s features. For Coca-Cola, packaging has always been an important aspect. It began in 1886 when Dr. John S. Pemberton led the foundation of a distinctive soft drink. And still, it is running like a smooth business today.

Marketers are cautious every time they go for modifying the brand’s outlook. There is a risk in changing something which is 100 years old. Customizing labels and editing names can cause a greater impact on sales and the brand image.

In 2016, Coca-Cola made its cans thinner and taller. What’s behind this strategy? It allowed them to cover more shelf areas with thinner bottles. However, they have to make the can longer to retain the same amount of volume.


There is a thin line between what customers will and will not accept in the market. It all depends on the marketers and the logo design agencies. All the companies we discussed above have invested millions and trillions of dollars just for marketing and designing something suitable for their consumers.

It is not as simple as it looks. What makes a logo so important? Because it works for grabbing maximum customers’ attention and makes a strong first impression of the business. It’s all upon logo design agencies. They lay the foundation of brand identity, make it unforgettable, and separate it from your rivals.

However, it is better to seek help from those who are professionals in their work and who can help you with a satisfactory logo. Infini-logo Design is one of those reputed companies that can help you achieve a contented output. Their team of professionals seeks and learns from the upcoming trends of the market, providing you with the best logo for your company.

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