Top Logo Designs In 2021

Dean John

Dean John

Top Logo Designs In 2021

Logo design trends in 2021 simply will not be outdone by other areas of design. Your logo is an important cog in your branding machine, and its design expresses not only who you are but also how you do it. Whether you’re starting a new business, rebranding an old one, or simply updating your old logo, these trends for 2021 will get you talking and inspire you to take on the future with confidence.

1. Isometric and 3D Logo Designs

In the world of logo design services, 2021 will be a 3D bonanza. A great way to add depth to your logo, and thus to your business. If you already have a logo, adding shading, highlights, and shadows can instantly transform it into a modern cutting-edge design while retaining the essence you’ve spent years instilling in the public’s mind. 

If you’re looking for a completely unique design, this is a logo design trend that will tick all of your creative boxes. There is so much variety, so much variation, and so many great logo designs.

2. Ink Style Logos

Ink Style drawings, from the most complicated hatched lines with incredible details to stylized signatures and even more graphic images, make you take a step back and admire. That must be enough for a logo to be successful. 

Add in the underlining qualities of this Ink style, such as hand-drawn, focus on detail, focus on quality, and an individuality that you can almost smell, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

3. Wordmark Logo

The design concept of using only your brand name in the logo but using their own stylized font is known as a wordmark. A well-designed wordmark does the job confidently, succinctly, and with the least amount of fuss, it can be used everywhere and on anything and is, as a result, remarkably recognizable.

4. Nature-Inspired Logo

It’s always been a reliable design inspiration for certain nature-related brands, but this 2021 design trend will grow and take over like weeds in your garden after a rainy spell. Nature-inspired logo design to bring you peace and harmony, a much-needed breath of fresh air, and a sense of new growth and new beginnings.

5. Traditional Black and White Logo Design

The classic black and white design will never go out of style, and why should it? You don’t change strategy if you keep backing winners. The minimal fuss/maximum impact style of this design isn’t something every logo maker can pull off easily. 

Nevertheless, this type of logo will be a big player in 2022 logo design trends, providing a brilliant canvas to experiment with other newer styles and techniques such as animation and 3D.

6. Use of Vibrant Colors in Logo Design

Crazy color combinations are a sure-fire way for a logo to make the desired instant impact, and this 2021 design logo design trend pulls no punches in that regard. One way to stand out from the crowd is to blow away the cobwebs of old color standards and go wild with your colors. You can do that with vibrant colors in your logo.

7. Mascot & Character in Logo Design

Include a character or mascot in your logo design. Designers are becoming more imaginative in the creation of such characters, using the latest techniques and styles, and we are no longer talking about a 2D cuddly bear. 

The benefit is the personification of a brand, the audience’s relatability, and the increasing flexibility with which you can use your character. Posters, signage, and static advertising are fine, but the move into animation, advertising videos, micro-animation, social media, and other forms of multi-purpose, multi-dimensional use of your logo is expanding.

8. Error in Logo Design

There’s no denying that things haven’t gone as planned recently. This design trend for 2021 does not ignore the fact that things are chaotic and the usual rules do not apply; rather, it embraces it. This glitch trend throws all of the traditional rules and guidelines of logo design out the window. 

The end result is something unique, daring, slightly disturbing, and one-of-a-kind. It will not work for every company, but who cares? It will suffice, and it will suffice admirably. Dive into this crazy ocean of creativity and let the tides of new design ideas pull you in. But be careful with the logo design service that will do this job for you. 

For instance, Infini Logo Design – a leading logo maker in the market can help you exploit the opportunity to capitalize on the errors in logo design.

Final Thoughts

Nobody knows what to expect in 2021, but one thing is certain: the ones who adapt and embrace change will be the ones who succeed. This is true for both businesses and design. Now the choice is yours, inspiration is all around you, and the future, at least in terms of design, appears to be bright.

If you want to work on any of the above logo designs, approach Infini Logo Design to get the best results.

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