Top Graphic Design Trends 2022

Dean John

Dean John

Top Graphic Design Trends 2022

We are almost in the middle of 2022 when graphic design trends are already breaking on the internet. Everything is tolerable, and there are no boundaries now in logo design services. If we sum up the graphic trends of 2022 in one sentence, “It’s time to raise the game.” As the gates are open, there would be a mix of unmixable nostalgia, movement, and mindfulness.

Graphic design trends vary, and you cannot predict what will be the top one next year. Logo design service providers try to guess which style, design, color, typeface, and much more will emerge in the upcoming years. And, they do not cease to amaze us with their imagination and creativity.

Following are some of the popular trends of 2022, which are known in the corporate field and among logo design service providers.

1. 90’s Nostalgia

Does this not surprise you that popular media and different series bring an 80s nostalgia back into the mainstream through gothic serifs, vaporwave landscapes, and neon colors? Whether you agree or not but nostalgia is the new trend of 2022.

If we look at the list of trends, the 90s are coming back in a range of personifications. It’s quite popular with media providers like Netflix. That’s not the end; we think the 90s is reliving itself through simple emojis, primitive internet frames, and sketchy illustrations.

2. Combining 2D x 3D

3D designs are universal favorites.  Because of this, it is established and kept updated for its further growth. It also provides an open room for designers to go beyond their limitations for creativity.

One of the most popular trends we are seeing today is realistic 3D visuals with mashed-up elements of 2D graphics and paper cutouts. There is no doubt that the year 2022 is going to be significant for 2D and 3D. The partnership between the two will give the best to the future.

3. Ukiyo-e

Ukiyo-e is a Japanese form of art that was quite popular in the late 17th and 19th centuries. This form of art highlights female beauties, sumo wrestlers, landscapes, and of course, history and ancient Japanese tales. Ukiyo-e is a Japanese word meaning “picture of the floating world.” This phrase is from the Ukiyo-artists of Japan’s Edo Period.

This design includes flat colors, limited perspective techniques, and bold outlines. Today, when a lot of designers are in search of bringing a change and creating something new, Ukiyo-e has been an inspiration for them.

4. Anti-Design

The app race has given rise to several strict design conventions, especially in the last decade. Because of this, many interfaces were easy to understand and accessed by an average user. Soon, it led to homogeneity. Then, creative minds and designers tried to bend the rules, which led to anti-design.

As the term defines, it is the art that rejects traditional design methods and aesthetics. The design involves busy patterns, color clashes, and asymmetrical shapes. The style had been criticized as ugly. Still, many designers and even the audience give priority to this design.

5. Extreme High School Bubble Design

Fun and creativity are a part of a designer’s work. The design involves a lack of corners, welcoming and happy-go-lucky, and positive vibes. Don’t we all want our lives to be happy and lively? Designers use this method to convey their message and pleasant feelings.

The trend is quite popular in 2022 because elongated forms and psychedelic colors are used instead of typical bubble fonts and shapes found on children’s products. The result is a pump-up design that feels rather grown-up and gives a spark of childlike fun.

6. Glass and Crystals

The texture is a prime element of graphics. Glass and Crystals are one of a form that became popular after 2021. Many designers term it glassmorphism and use it in UI designs. It involves buttons and elements that look like glass by blurring objects or allowing light to pass or shine through them.

Reputable organizations like Apple and Microsoft have adopted this design. Designers stimulated by glass and crystals combine them with 3D animation and illustration.

7. Grunge revival

If 90’s nostalgia is a child, Grunge is a horrid teen. 

The design involves gritty textures, zine-like collages, and shadowed images. These textures give an energetic feel, emotional vibe, ink trails, and blobs. When combined, they create an outstanding appearance, just like the videos younger audiences watch on TikTok.

Grunge has its physical appearance through elements like torn pages, tapes, flat graphics, and untidy handwriting. After the impact of Covid-19 and the years of quarantine, many people term this theme reassurance and relaxation.

Thinking to Hire a Logo Design Service?

The graphic design trends of 2022 are quite unpredictable mashups. And you wouldn’t want to miss it in the coming years. Undoubtedly, today’s graphic designers create exciting and catchy designs and will be more creative in the future.

The above-mentioned graphic designs are easy to implement and created by most logo design service providers. According to our predictions, brand designs will observe massive change according to the audiences’ needs.

If you are learning graphic design, the platform of Adobe can be expensive. You should go for one of the replacements of Adobe Photoshop CC. However, if you are searching for a reputable logo design service provider, Infini-Logo Design should be your first choice.

We provide our clients with utmost satisfaction with every service offered. We are one of the most well-known pioneers of this logo service industry and try our best to produce unique and innovative designs for our consumers.

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