The Part Colors Play In Logo Design

Dean John

Dean John

Importance of Colors in Logo Design

The role of colors in the logo design is as important as the other elements such as images, texts, styling, and blending. It is certainly true that colors play a significantly essential part in human life. Likewise, the creative use of the color scheme captures the audience’s attention definitely in a subtle way. 

But, there are some rules and guidelines that you need to follow while adding colors to logo design. As a logo designer, you cannot use bright and light colors everywhere. Professional logo designers in the USA are aware of the fact that colors need the right usage in a momentous way to leave a long-lasting and memorable impact on the audience. 

So, in this blog, you will learn some interesting facts, tips, and tricks about the color psychology of logo design to give a meaningful aspect to your brand. 

What Does Each Color Mean in Logo Designing?

Here’s a list of some main colors and their psychological impact on the viewers. Take notes!

1. Blue Logos

Most of the logos have blue color which indicates a closeness to the sky and its calmness and purity. The most notable examples that we notice around are the logo of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Samsung, etc. It is the dominant color that gives a positive emotional perspective to the brand. 

Blue does not appear the same everywhere, and these differences are significant. 

It can be bright or dark, and it can also resemble green or purple. In such cases, take a look closer at your brand and try to review your competitors and their way of using colors. Later, make an effort to bring out something unique with the color blue. 

2. Black Logos 

Black is a powerful hue because it is associated with power and strength. When a company attempts to portray itself as a formidable and unrivaled force in its specific market, it uses black color in its logo design. Some prominent brands like Apple, Nike, Puma, Sony, and so many others have consistently incorporated black logos. And undeniably, such brands are popular choices for consumers over the years. So, if your brand wants to convey a strong message to the audience, consider black as your prime choice. But also keep in mind that your product/services should be strong enough to align with the color and visual of black color.

3. Purple Logos

Purple is a royal hue that is commonly associated with religious and educational institutions because it represents faith and sacredness. It is rarely employed for commercial services unless it can clearly convey the core values of the organization. A few well-known brands with a purple logo are Cadbury, Clair’s, Hallmark, Taco Bell, etc. 

Usually, people consider purple and its shades as female-oriented because such light hues are used to attract women, thus, if your brand is specifically for young girls, women, and children, then simply go for purple. But, if your target audience includes all genders, experiment with using some other shades to stand out unique among other brands.  

4. Yellow Logos

Yellow is a vibrant and vivid color, which may explain why it evokes such strong emotions. It attracts attention immediately, but it may also be too irritating if applied excessively. Although it appears to be warm and bright, however, it can cause optical fatigue. 

You can use a yellow hue in your logo design similar to that of McDonald’s family-oriented businesses. Undoubtedly, the logo has an iconic yellow with a blend of the red logo, easily recognizable by 4-year-old kids. As a graphic designer, you should know that color combinations with yellow work best to evoke certain feelings and emotions. 

5. Red Logos 

Red is found in a wide range of shades and tones, from maroon to vermilion. It represents a strong passion, power, and love. This bold color attracts attention no matter where you see it around you. For example, Coca-Cola’s logo with a red and white combo is identifiable by 94 percent of the world’s population. 

You can outline the words with some light hues with a dark crimson red background to balance it out properly. Play with some wonky red tints like classic ombre and gradients to give your brand a solid, innovative, and pictorially perfect professional look. Take inspiration from well-established companies and brighten up your brand with a wheel of red. 

Hire efficient Logo Designers in the USA to Elevate the Elegancy of your Brand!

Colors improve brand identification by up to 80 percent, as well as trigger emotions, and even alter the emotional and physical mood. A company’s logo is an essential part of its overall visual identity, so, it has to be perfect, more interesting, and persuasive in look. 

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