Logo Design Trends 2022

Dean John

Dean John

Logo Design Trends 2022

It’s easier to see the outline of the next year’s tendencies in each field now that the Graphic Design Trends 2022 are clear. With this in mind, we’ll narrow the topic and review our predictions for Logo Design trends 2022. 

In 2021, 3D logos, ink style, and wordmarks confidently stepped forward to drive us insane, but as logo design services are evolving, the current shifted once more. Let’s see where it takes us and how it relates to the main graphic design theme.

1. Tall Logos

Narrow and vertical, tall logos are making a comeback to break the ideal horizontal shape that we’ve all grown accustomed to. Going vertical, like going vertical with business cards, is a great way to stand out with a strong and unconventional design. 

This, however, is a two-edged sword because being unique has advantages and disadvantages for the same reason: some clients and audiences will appreciate your uniqueness, while others will not. Everything is determined by the brand strategy.

Another significant advantage of the tall logo trend is that it better fits most online advertising and eliminates the need to create a slew of identical style logos in various shapes based on the medium.

2. Funky Color Scheme

Certainly, when your branding strategy is to stand out and draw attention, the right color scheme can make quite an impression. This is included in the manifesto of logo design services for the year 2022. The right color scheme results in beautiful logos struck with bold vibrant candy colors and not caring about moving away from the standard business logo.

With higher saturation in the HSV color model, these logos communicate vibrancy, optimism, and energy. Unlike pastel colors, candy schemes are meant to inspire and awaken you rather than to soothe.

3. Create Logo Outlines

Outline style, in general, has been gaining popularity alongside flat design trends among the logo design trends, but unlike the latter, it continues to grow in popularity. Outline logos are light and subtle, so they won’t overpower your design while also emphasizing its modern appearance.

Because of their readability, these logos are ideal for watermarks, small icons, and even bullet symbols. Outline graphic elements are easier to animate, more elegant, and suitable for a wide range of design styles due to their simplicity.

4. Serif Logos

This has been anticipated for some time, as the serif vs. sans-serif logo debate isn’t going away anytime soon. With few exceptions, serif fonts are widely regarded as traditional, conservative, and formal, prompting a small number of major brands to abandon them in favor of modern sans-serif fonts in recent years. Another reason is that sans-serif fonts are easier to read at the different desktop, tablet, and mobile phone resolutions.

Serifs, on the other hand, have caught up and become more readable on the web. Nothing can now stop designers from incorporating them into beautiful logos that correspond to the brand’s identity. 

In addition to their elegance, serif logos can be modern and minimalistic. You can add some exciting flair to your new logos by using the right font.

5. Logos In Lowercase

Using all lowercase letters in a logo rather than all caps isn’t a new concept (Adidas, BitCoin, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, Wacom, and so on) have adopted it already, but it’s gaining popularity in the logo design services industry for one specific reason.

The written words in a logo must function as a picture, a collection of shapes, rather than an actual word that follows grammar rules. All lowercase letters work well together visually. This trend cannot be applied to some logos due to tricky letters (lowercase l vs capital I) and letters that are difficult to kern.

It all depends on the word and your ability to be creative with the font.

In contrast to all caps lettering, which conveys authority and power, all lowercase logos are friendly and approachable. Nonetheless, many large corporations, such as MasterCard, have switched from uppercase to lowercase to appear more approachable and catch the customers’ eye.

Utilize The Trends

2022 is here, so get ready to reveal amazing throwbacks to the roaring twenties, flashy neon from the 1980s, and plenty of vibrancy and dynamics. What is the point of rules if not to break them? With that being said, if you own a business and are looking for a witty logo for your business, then connect with Infini Logo Design – the leading logo design services firm in the USA to get the logo you desire.

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