How To Learn Logo Design For Free

There’s always more to learn about logo design, whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned pro. However, while the internet is full of information and advice, the majority of it is repetitive and features the same old tips over and over again.

So, in this post, we’ve gathered 20 free resources that aren’t just carbon copies of each other. Each focuses on a different aspect of logo design or approaches it from a different perspective. We hope this makes it easier for you to find the information or advice you’re looking for.

Design Brief

Before logo makers begin working on idea generation, a logo maker must first understand the logo’s goals. Logo makers must understand who the company is, what they do, who their competitors are, and who they will be targeting. 

Finding logos and attempting to recreate them is a good practise exercise to learn the tools. If any logo maker wants to make something completely new, they would have to find a logo that needs to be redesigned and improve it accordingly. There is a lot of bad design out there… Just make sure to follow the process below rather than designing a ‘pretty picture’ – A logo design is a strategic business tool, so the sooner you realise that, the better.

Logo Designing Process

There is no single set-in-stone logo design process. Every logo maker works in their own unique way, so as they learn and improve, they’ll discover what method works best for them. The ultimate goal is to end with a logo, so how logo makers get there is entirely up to them. 

For any beginner logo maker, here are four steps that will help design their optimum logo designs:

  • Set objectives.
  • Idea Generation & Design for Research
  • Amends & Presentation
  • Making of Logo Files


Before logo makers begin designing anything, they must first understand the business and its competitors. They’ll need to do some research to find out. The majority of this can be accomplished by asking questions, but it’s always worthwhile to do your own research as well.

Many logo makers dislike conducting research, but it is a necessary step. The more you know about the business, the better the final solution… the more effectively a logo maker can present the design… and the more likely it is that their work will be approved the first time because you can demonstrate a clear understanding.

A Rough Sketch

It’s always a good idea to begin on paper. Logo makers should draw a rough image of what they envision their ultimate logo design to be. It helps mitigate any discrepancies.

Learn Adobe Illustrator

Because a logo must work at a variety of sizes, from buttons to shop signs and billboards, logo makers need to create a vector file format, which is a type of image made up of mathematical points rather than pixels, allowing it to be scaled indefinitely with no loss of quality. 

The best medium for creating a digital file is; Adobe Illustrator. It is mostly required to create vector images.

Using Fonts

The use of fonts is an essential component of logo design. One of the most common mistakes new logo makers commit when using fonts is incorrect kerning, which is the term used to describe the spacing between each letter. Avoid that.

It is usually good to tweak the fonts in ways that make them stand out from typical logos. Isn’t that the goal of every logo maker? Make sure it’s yours too.

Introducing Your Logo Concepts

Present the ideas to the client after completing the designing process. Prior to that, get constructive feedback from an expert logo designer so that you present your best work to the client after making revisions, if necessary.

Who Should I Consult?

If you are looking for exceptional logo designing ideas and expert guidance, Infini Logo Design is the best logo designing company for that. Getting consultation from the market leader would be an add on to your business’s success, right? That’s what we think too.

Learn Now!

There’s always more to learn about logo design. So, continue to practice. Designing a logo is a skill. You can only improve by doing. Hopefully, this has been a helpful guide to get you started.

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29 May 2021

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