How should you place your logo across different platforms?

Dean John

Dean John

How should you place your logo across different platforms?

The logo of your company is its distinguishing feature. It is the one thing that people notice over and over again, regardless of where they first see your brand. Traditionally, the logo is placed in the upper left corner of a website, but what if you want to shake things up or place the logo on a product? Let’s discover more about it.

One of the best ways to learn about strong logo placement is to study the rules that other successful logo design services in the USA follow, regardless of where they use their logo. Let’s have a look at some platforms where you should change the placement of your logo.

Product Add-Ons

What if you want to emphasize your branding through your logo and show the world that your product is a one-of-a-kind creation of your company? Purse designers frequently include a bauble or other type of attachment that identifies the product as their own, but they also brand the product itself in a variety of ways. The add-on is a consistent way of sharing the company’s logo with customers and converting them into walking billboards for you.


Traditionally, the logo appears in the upper left corner of a website’s page or is occasionally centered. Users anticipate that the logo will appear near the top of the landing page so that they can easily locate it. They also expect a functional logo that, when clicked, returns the user to the homepage.

Browsers Tab Favicons 

The favicon for your website appears in the tab section of the user’s browser. The favicon is simply the monogram portion of your logo. It should be 16 pixels wide or 32 pixels tall. Consider using the first letter of your name or the initials of your company.

Email Insertion

You’ll want your logo in emails as well, for brand consistency. For email placement, two locations work well. The top of the email is a natural choice because it is where subscribers expect to see the logo. You could also use the logo in your signature line to reinforce brand recognition.

Social Media

Depending on which social media channel you use, the placement of your logo may differ. A more personalized profile photo and using the header area for the logo may be a better choice for Facebook. It’s less generic than using a letter or image of a company’s logo. On the other hand, on sites like LinkedIn, a logo may be a better choice to indicate that you’re a company rather than an individual.

Business Cards with Logos

Your business cards introduce people in your network to your brand and serve as a point of reference for them. You’ll need your logo on a business card, but determining the best placement is difficult. You can try out different placements and change what doesn’t work on the next print.

As a Sticker

How do you use your logo on a smaller scale, such as a sticker or a small shopping bag? Even in a small space, consider the use of positive and negative space. As with a favicon, you may want to use only a portion of the logo for a sticker to leave room for text, such as adding a website address or phone number. Consider the fact that there will be a product in the bag when designing a shopping bag, and leave plenty of room around the edges.

Unobtrusive Presentation Placement

Branding your slides is a smart business move, whether you’re uploading a slideshow online or giving a presentation at a local event. You don’t want your logo to interrupt the flow of the text, so the bottom right corner is a good place to put it because it is usually the last thing the eye sees on the page.


When it comes to online advertising, branding is essential. A general thumb rule in advertising is that a person must see your brand seven times before remembering you and considering doing business with you. If this is the case, then the more consistent your messages are across various platforms, the better your chances of attracting a customer.

Experiment with Different Placement Concepts

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your logo placement. Simply test any major changes to see how well they perform with your target audience. You can always change the design and relocate the logo, but you’ll never know if a unique idea works for branding unless you try it.

If you’re up to the task, then it would be pertinent to schedule a free consultation with the experts at Infini Logo Design – the leading logo design service in the USA to get a better insight into the logo placements.

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