Good Logo Design vs Bad Logo Design

Dean John

Dean John

Good Logo Design vs Bad Logo Design

A good logo design is the necessity of every brand today. It delivers the brand’s identity and unique standing among competitors. In fact, 42 percent of customers believe logo as a brand’s personality. And that has to be mesmerizing. Right? 

The process of logo designing may seem simple, but it is not. A logo designer has to be creative enough to entice the audience at once, which is quite intricate. But, have you ever noticed why logo designing has become so influential these days? 

Because it serves the purpose of communicating the brands’ vision and mission. Sometimes, people misinterpret complex ideas and concepts, and that badly turns the table around. So, during these instances, what matters is having an artistically good logo design that tells who you are. 

Let’s stick to the point of good logo design and bad logo design to help you look differently and reach a broader audience. 

Characteristics of a Good Logo Design 

1. Brain Storming

A good logo design begins with brainstorming, where the logo designer understands the concept behind the business. You, being one, can gather some basic information first. Ask for the brand’s purpose, products/services, the target audience, goals, and ideology. 

Then, you need to begin with one short and simple idea and explore all the possible options of creativity. Also, you can take inspiration from other notable brands to learn about different patterns and styles. 


Note down a list of raw ideas and concepts that you plan to use in your logos such as website, marketing materials, or company merchandise. Then, make sure that your logo design work across every social media platform.

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2. Make Rough Sketches 

The most common mistake made by the logo designers is jumping straight to the drawing board. Unfortunately, it is not exactly the right way. For a perfect logo design, first, sketch out some of your ideas on a piece of paper. Later, practice it again and again. And gradually, you will come up with a unique design. Make Rough Sketches

For example, the logo of Exxon (natural gas company) was designed by Raymond Loewy. During the process of sketching, he showed up with seventy-six rudimentary pencil sketches, focusing on the double “x” and finally came up with a famous brand logo. 

3. Use Colors Carefully 

Almost 90 percent of shoppers make buying decisions based on the brand colors.

That is why colors are extremely vital in creating a brand’s message. If you select red as the primary color in your logo, for instance, it will convey the brand’s image as forceful, ardent, and dyUse Colors Carefully namic. It indicates that your company wants to appeal to young people as their target audience. 

Using blue as a dominant hue evokes sentiments, intellect, knowledge, and unity. That is why some social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. use blue. 


Always remember that each color evokes an emotion that becomes the message of your brand, So, try to choose colors wisely. 

Characteristics of a Bad Logo Design 

1. Using Outdated Techniques 

The problem with a bad logo design is the use of outdated techniques, visuals, and effects. Using Outdated Techniques Back then, old-fashioned fonts and clips were used excessively making the logos look particularly dull and dated.

The most common mistake made by the designers was their inability to blend complex ideas of a company into the easier ones. Technically, it results in ineffective communication serving no purpose in attracting the viewers.

For example, Amazon focuses on their extensive selection with an arrow pointing from A to Z. They do this because they sell everything from A to Z. You must have noticed that the arrow is in the shape of a smile, equating the brand with happy feelings. Thus, the key is to think outside the box and follow the latest trend. Learn more about the logo design trends in 2022

2. Utilization of Overly Bright Colors 

Bad logos are often overly bright, overly loud, or overly confusing. They just do not make sense and do not correspond to the brand’s quality. Mostly, the link between text and symbols is ruined by gaudy colors, textures, and inadequate spacing. Utilization of Overly Bright Colors 

It disregards color psychology, which isn’t appropriate for all types of businesses. 

For example, you might have noticed that Microsoft Bing had a terrible logo with unattractive colors, fonts, and topography. Later, the brand had to redesign the logo. You can see the clear difference between both.

Bad logos break the rules which combine hues that are not compatible. These inconsistencies are sometimes overlooked but indeed it requires concentration. 

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Create a strong and memorable logo design to have a significant relationship with your customers in the long run. Your first impression serves as the foundation for the entire narrative of your brand. 

What’s Next? 

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