Best Logo Design Software In 2022

Dean John

Dean John

Top Logo Design Software In 2022

Logos are an essential part of a business, whether you are launching a new company or rebranding the existing one. They contain the potential to create an impression on the customers’ minds. Business owners need to develop a logo that effectively communicates the aim. Generating a communicative and efficient logo is the work of expert logo designers who surprises us every time by creating something out of the box.

Obviously, everybody wants the best logo for their business. After all, everybody considers their brand to be the best. Right? There are many software programs available on the internet that can aid in designing a unique logo for your company.

Would you invest in Adobe Illustrator? Or would Canva be sufficient? Are they worth the cost? Searching for a suitable software for logo creation is not easy at all and might take some of your time. To make your work easier and less time-consuming, we have mentioned some best software for you to choose from.

1. Canva

Canva is one of the most effective and efficient tools for almost everything. You can just not only perform professional logo design, but also brochures, flyers, posters, menus, letterheads, social media banners, and newsletters. To be precise, you can design practically anything.

That’s not all. Canva surprises you with a wide number of features too. You can apply various filters and effects to your image, adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, vignette, blur, and much more. You are also free to play around with transparency level or resize your image. And above all, you can seek guidance from numerous website design logos from Canva’s library.

However, if you want a free high-resolution logo, Canva’s free version is not the best choice as it gives limited features like 500×500 pixels and neither a transparent background. That said, if you want to enjoy Canva to the fullest, you need to go for a paid plan.

Looking on the bright side, you still get to have a lot to choose from, like fonts and a bonus option to even upload one of your own. Winding up, Canva is one of the best for online logo designing, but you would have to play your part too.

2. Kreateable

Kreateable is a fast, free, and expert logo designer. And guess what? It enables you to create your logo for free. However, the price comes after you have picked or edited a logo. It is a simple one-off payment.

It does require payment, but before that, the site lets you enjoy its massive library of off-the-rack logos. Pick from multiple designs range, then edit or customize it according to your preference. Sounds easy. Right?

To start, you would have to provide the name and slogan of your business. Then, you can choose from a list of design catalogs. You can also describe your industry to get more suitable styles.

For your ease, the software categorizes logos as:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Construction
  • Food and Beverages
  • And much more!
  • And so much more!

Kreateable’s library comprises over 3 million icons and graphics with over 1000 font styles. So, choosing a perfect logo design won’t take long.


Looka comes up with fun and user-friendly designs. It provides convenience and scalability by saving your logo designs in JPEG, SVG, PNG, and EPS formats.

Looka takes you along the logo design process and guides you wherever you get stuck. Its features include adding elements like associating an icon or symbol with your brand. Moreover, you can choose the overall feel you want, including the color scheme you prefer.

Looka is one of the best to make your logo instantly. Its features include.

  • AI-generated logos
  • Easy to use
  • Branding add-ons

4. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the most reputable and vastly used design software. Why? Because it stands out in scalability and responsiveness.  If we talk about vector-based design software, there is no doubt that Illustrator is the best of all.

It also features smooth lines so that the designers can meet different resolutions and creative assets. Additionally, Adobe Illustrator involves features like collaboration options, integrated tutorials, and support for 3D assets. You can even add variations for your assets according to the brand guideline by keeping it in a single master file.

There are different ways to get an adobe account through adobe students and teachers discount offers. Not only this, but you can get Adobe and other software at a very affordable price. And if you are ready to obligate, you can try a free 7-day trial.

5. CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is suitable for both designers and non-designers because of which it has made its name on the list of the great logo design software. Unlike many software, it offers user-friendly viability and several other features for creative logo creation.

CorelDRAW provides more elaborative design details. It helps you create your logo more adaptable, using features range, like shapes, font choices, and formats. The best part is that it is both easy to modify and scalable.

Have features of layout, design tools, vector illustration, and photo editing at your fingertips. Other than that, it has several brushed with instinctive user design.

6. Hatchful

Hatchful is a logo design tool made by one of the leading e-commerce platforms, Shopify.  It allows its users to create their logos by providing them with hundreds of templates for ease. It is considered one of the best software since it provides a professional and clean set of logos, including different element sets to modify the logos at no cost.

Hatchful made the logo creating process easier. It asks you to if details about your business like your business type, business name, and where you will use the logo. The platform then provides you with hundreds of variations through AI assistance. Users can customize icons, text, and fonts to any design they enjoy.

Other “free” logo makers sometimes charge to download a high-resolution logo. Instead, Hatchful lets users download logo packages and images for free.


The truth is, it’s not simple to create a perfect logo on your first attempt. You might need more knowledge and hands-on experience.

Your presence here shows that you have been in a scenario where you have found a need for an expert logo designer. You must be wondering about the time and cost as well. 

The good news is, you can make one of your own by yourself. It is not easy. But why don’t you try? If you are stuck or need guidance, we are here. At Infini Logo Design, we have expert logo designers who love to help you with advice and even top-notch logo design. Reach out and discuss all that you want. 

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