A Logo Designers Guide To Playing with Gradients

Dean John

Dean John

A Logo Designers Guide To Playing with Gradients

Logos are the brand voice that gives an instant reflection of the ethos of a company. The target for any top logo design service is to create a logo that is unique and recognized by the target audience. Think about how Instagram, Messenger, Asana, General Motors, Tinder, Firefox, and tons of other logos are different from others yet similar. The common element in all these brands is gradient. 

These combinations are an instant hit and can bring magic to any brand.

What are Gradients in Logos?

Gradients are blends of color that progress gradually to give a faded outcome of a variety of colors. It adds depth and a more realistic touch to any design. The number of colors and dimensions may vary as per the perspective source of light. 

Here are a few visual examples of gradients:

The blends here are mainly linear and radial, but there’s another gradient type, conic, which has clockwise or anticlockwise shades. Here’s how it looks:

                                                                        Messenger logoasana logo   

                                                                                            tinder logo   

How to Design a Gradient Logo?

Before moving to the how-to tips, you need to know that not every business can flaunt the gradient logo design. There are some limitations; here is when you need a gradient logo: 

  1. You are a part of the creative industry.
  2. The design is not very complicated because that ruins the color blend.
  3. It is for online purposes, not for large billboards or even printed materials. 
  4. Your logo is not text-based but has a symbol or icon.

Now that you know if your brand is suitable for the kind, here are the pro tips by the top logo design service you will need to begin.

1. Start with a Basic Flat Logo

Give your creative mind some time to absorb the basic design first. Once you have the flat base, you can begin experimenting with colors. Try adding different sources of light. Do not go extra, as gradient logos look better when made with subtle color combinations. 

2. Choose Colors that Reflect your Brand

Every brand has a vibe that any unknown can get with the logo. Obviously, not everyone buys your product or service to understand that vibe; it’s the logo that does the honor. Always choose colors that stand with your core competencies. For instance, black color reflects power and strength, while red is creative and filled with passion. To read more about color psychology, read our blog: The Part Colors Play In Logo Design

3. Choose Contrast Wisely

Colors and contrasts are the ultimate combinations that make or break your entire aim of designing one unique logo. Let white space play its part and focus on the symbol or monogram of the brand. Ensure that the base is not conflicting with the colors you choose for your gradient. And never overdo colors, two are ideal, and three should be extreme. If you want a smooth transition with no shades of grey, always add a third color; it’s easy for the eyes to follow.

4. Check Backgrounds

You are never sure of all the places where your logo can appear. You may use a subtle color like peach or icy yellow that looks great on a black background, but what about a white base? Your gradient logo should work well with both basics, black and white backgrounds. So it remains readable and easily recognized. 

5. Consider the Printing Perspective

Yes, we said earlier that gradient logos are for online businesses. But the same brands might have business cards that need sharp quality to look professional. Top logo design services always incorporate detailed perspectives. It helps the design not to look chaotic and unauthorized. Always be sure about branding because the business card says a lot about a brand. 

Top Logo Design Service is Always Here to Guide!

As a beginner, logo designers may feel overwhelmed with the dos and don’ts of using colors and gradients. But to become an expert, you need to know every detail. Gradient logos can be a life-changer, as they were for Instagram, and reflect a different perspective of brands. To begin with the basics, it’s always better for firms to start with the top logo design service company. And as a designer, you should browse sites like Infini Logo Design and find your aspirations in the top-class work the firm produces. Reach them out if you need any further help. 

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