9 Characteristics Of A Stellar Logo Design

What would you say if you had a thousand words to describe how fantastic your company is? Fortunately, that is exactly what your logo elements do daily. Your logo is the silent ambassador of your brand, and it frequently creates people’s first impression of your company. 

In an instant, logos explain who you are, what you do, and how your brand feels. Colors, shapes, typography, and other design elements all have an impact on how your target audience perceives your brand. 

Many people ask us for our thoughts on various logo design concepts. A logo is very good in our opinion if it meets as many of the following criteria as possible.

Is Visually Appealing

This one can be difficult to quantify, but it is simple to gauge with a simple survey of friends and coworkers. Your logo design would only help if your logo designer’s creativity is on point, that is the key to creating a visually appealing logo.

Is Conceptually Focused and Unambiguous

Whether your logo focuses on your brand name or a brand symbol, it should aid in communicating the “big idea” you want to convey about your company. Brands spend millions on their logos just to keep the focus of the audience intact and can quickly grasp on to the main idea behind the logo.

For example; Its is not just Pepsi’s beverages that drive its sales, but its logo design helps in driving a large chunk of its sales as well. Why? Because the customers associate their preference for Pepsi through its logo first.

Is Clever and One-Of-A-Kind.

A one-of-a-kind logo demonstrates that your company is one-of-a-kind. You may be one of a hundred bakeries in your city selling cakes, but no one makes or sells cakes quite like you. The same applies for your logo design, if your logo stands out from the rest and has that unique flair in it, then sit back and enjoy your business’ success.

Has That “Lightbulb” Moment

Logos that contain unexpected imagery or hidden meanings are more memorable. FedEx, for example, has a hidden arrow in the “Ex” to represent their fast, direct delivery service. Amazon also has an arrow pointing from “A to Z” to represent the fact that they sell everything.

Has The Right Shape 

Graphic design is all about communicating visually. The art of designing a logo entails knowing what you want to say as well as which visuals can say it. Certain images and even the shape of the logo itself elicit certain emotions and feelings.

Without getting into the technicalities of graphic design, all you need to know is that each shape represents a different characteristic. Match the shape of your logo to the qualities you want your brand to exhibit.

Has Proper Business Cues

Logos convey critical information about your brand. They do in a split second what press releases, product descriptions, and about pages do in paragraph after paragraph of copy.

Design cues related to your business can help communicate information quickly, and they can range from subtlety to smack-on-the-head bluntness. If you want those proper business cues in your logo, then Infini Logo Design is the best logo design service provider out there. Make sure to look it up and get your rebrand your business ID to beat the competition.

Has Proper Colors 

Each color, like shapes, has its emotional connotation. Because they are based on things we see in the real world, these meanings are frequently fairly universal. The color red, which is associated with blood, evokes feelings of urgency and alertness. Brown, the color of trees and wood, conjures up images of nature and the land. And it’s a pretty safe bet that yellow is associated with the warmth of the sun all over the world.

Colors also have cultural connotations. Green, for example, is the color of money in the United States, whereas purple is frequently associated with evil in Japan.

Has Withstood The Test Of Time

If your logo is brand new, we recommend that you live with it for a month or two to ensure that it does not become boring or weak. Do you think it will still look good and function properly in a month or so? What about six months?

Avoids Design Trends

If you pay a junior logo designer to create your logo using the most copied current design trends, you’re setting yourself up for it to fade into obscurity and look outdated in no time. (For instance, using an X in the middle of the logo is already on its way out, if not long gone.) 

Is your logo designer presenting you with something that feels new and unique? If yes, then fair enough but if not, then you need to strategize your business plan again because logos are the front picture of a business.

Typography Is Used Appropriately

Everything in your logo’s typography, from the typefaces to the weights, kerning, and capitalization, should convey your brand’s style and message. (An edgier brand, for example, might use weathered text and an Old English font)

Take Away

Motion graphics are a valuable asset to have available for future marketing. Animated logo designs are the real deal these days. So your logo designer needs to ensure that your brand ID can be animated.

Final Thoughts

Few logos meet all of these requirements. Some of the best logos of all time don’t even meet all of them. Running your logo through this list, on the other hand, is a great way to refine and strengthen it. The more items on this list you can cross off, the better off your logo will be!

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